Some Great Books

Looking for some other great reads beyond the Chrysathamere Trilogy? Here are some of my favorites, randomly selected in no particular order! The Land Beyond the Sea by Sharon Kay Penman Does anyone remember that kind of cringe-ey movie from Ridley Scott–Kingdom of Heaven–where Orlando Bloom plays a Mary Sue blacksmith who is somehow an … Continue reading Some Great Books

First Look at Empire of Ghouls (Chrysathamere Trilogy, Book II)

Empire of Ghouls (the Chrysathamere Trilogy, Book II): Chapter One                 Annuweth lay on a bed in a Tyracian villa. The sheets smelled of dried sweat, of the coppery stench of his own blood. It was a smell that not even the garden breeze through the window could hide.                 Inside, his body raged, at … Continue reading First Look at Empire of Ghouls (Chrysathamere Trilogy, Book II)

Who Wants to Save the World?

So, I was playing this game, Horizon Zero Dawn. It was a really good game, with compelling character dynamics, a heart-wrenching loss, petty rivalries between bitter teens, and a sinister cult. And then…it turned into something else. Something we’ve all seen before: a story about evil robots trying to destroy the earth, and wouldn’t you … Continue reading Who Wants to Save the World?